1. Hi guys, how did “toyGuitar” project get born?

The story of toyGuitar is pretty much this:  Jack had some songs floating around that weren’t like anything else he was doing and they needed a home.  He started fleshing them out with Miles and those songs eventually became the first toyGuitar EP.  In the mean time, we poached Rosie from her band in LA because she’s rad and absolutely kills it on the drums. Paul knew Jack and Miles from playing in The Re-Volts and so we snagged him to play bass.  Right from the first practice we knew we had something good going on.  It’s only gotten better since…

2. Tell us about your last studio album “In this Mess”.

We recorded “In This Mess” in July of 2014 with Chris Dugan at Jingletown Studios in Oakland, CA.  Somehow, between stuffing our faces with cheeseburgers, pounding coffee, and watching the World Cup, we managed to record an album.

3. Which are the bands most influenced toyGuitar music? 

Some of the more obvious influences on this band are are groups like the Velvets, Bowie, The Stooges, The Saints, etc, but, if you adjust your EQ just right and listen closely, you’ll also hear a sprinkling of ABBA, Jefferson Airplane, and Da Lench Mob.

4. Three words to describe your project.




5. Tell us a funny anecdote about your band.

Last year we we’re fortunate enough to play this big festival in southern California.  It’s was this massive music, tattoo, and custom car show that took place on a giant ocean liner that’s docked in the harbor.  We somehow showed up way too early for the show and had like half a day to kill until we played.  The crew let us hang out in some trailers for bands that were coming later that night or the next day. The only request was that we don’t use the toilets since the plumbing wasn’t connected yet.  After sitting around all day doing nothing but eating shitty food and sleeping, an emergency ‘situation’ came up and that poor bathroom got bombed pretty bad.  There was no exhaust fan and no flushing water so it was a pretty gnarly situation, but there was nothing we could do.  It was getting late and we had to leave and go play, but we found out later that the trailer bathroom we destroyed was Merle Haggard’s!  Sorry Merle!

6. Suggest 3 albums to listen at the moment.

Three records everyone should pick up right now are Radioactivity “Radioactivity” (or anything by the Marked Men dudes), Massenger “Massenger”, and Viva L’American Death Ray Music “Smash Radio Hits”.

7. Please remember your web contacts.

Follow us on the webs for mildly entertaining photos and occasionally useful information:


Instagram:  @t0yguitar

Twitter: @t0yguitar

8. A message for LTMR and its readers.

Thanks for chatting with us, LTMR, and thanks to all our friends and fans for listening to our dumb little band!