Strung Out


1. Hi Jake, how do you feel after about 25 years of career? I think the last album replies for you… 🙂 

We feel great! Stoked that our fans have stuck by us all this time, very glad to still be doing it!

2. Tell us about “Transmission.Alpha.Delta”. How did you face the conception of the new songs? The record showcases a little bit from most of the different Strung Out eras… isn’t it?

All the songs really came together very naturally. We all wrote a lot of music, and we wanted to spend as much time on it as it needed to be great. I think it represents a new era for Strung Out.

3. The album cover was created by Jason. How long have you been painting? Are there some artists inspired you?

Jason has done every one of our covers except maybe one. He’s been doing art as long as I’ve known him.

4. Three words to describe your new album.

Buy. It. Now!

5. Tell us a funny anecdote about you on tour.

It’s 4 shows in and I already have a runny nose!

6. Suggest 3 new bands to listen at the moment.

La Armada, The Darlings, Forus.

7. You’ve been always signed to Fat Wreck Chords. What’s the secret for a so long relation? 🙂

They are good to us and we like to work together. We have a mutual trust and admiration, and we are proud to still be there.

8. A message for LTMR and its readers.

Thanks for checking out our new album, please come see us on tour and say hello!!