Mutiny on the Bounty


1. Hi, how did your project get born?

The band has been created in 2004 when Nicolas and me (Sacha) came together for some jam sessions and wrote our first song on our very first rehearsal.

2. Tell us about your last studio album “Digital Tropics”
Digital Tropics is our latest album and is completely instrumental. We chose to stay instrumental on this one because there was no need to add vocals while writing the songs because the guitars were already so melodic and the songs were complete being only instrumental. We went 1 month to a Studio in Nürnberg(Germany) where we recorded with the very talented Jan Kerscher at Ghost City Recordings. We chose on purpose to write a part of our songs in the sudio together with Jan Kerscher which was a good idea. We are very happy with the result. The album is more groovy and atmospheric but still energetic. It’s exactly what we were looking for.

3.Which are the bands/artists most influenced your music?

Well this is complicated to say:) Our influences vary a lot from member to member and I think that this makes the music interesting. Our influences vary from 80’s Pop, Soul and Hip Hop, Electro to Rock and what people call mathrock music. There are no artists that we can really name as influences because there were and are many.

4. Three words to describe your project.
Energy. Groove. Dance

5. Three albums to listen at the moment.
Listen to our friends in Alarmist – Popular demain / Mambo – Bertier / Everything Everything – Arc.

6. Three bands to give a listen to.
3 Local bands from Luxembourg which are really good! No Metal In This Battle, Heartbeat Parade, Mount Stealth

7. Tell us a funny anecdote about you.
We’ve played a show in Luxembourg at an Open Air Festival in front of a huge crowd and suddenly the monitor started to burn like crazy just next to me on the drums. Everyone in the audience was pointing at it but we didn’t check it and still kept playing the song till the end. The flames were literally 2 meters high but we just didn’t see it 🙂

8. Which song of yours would you make listen to someone who doesn’t know your band?
Countach from the new album Digital Tropics

9. Please remember your web contacts. //

10. A message for LTMR and its readers.


We’ll come over and play our very first shows in Italy and we are very excited about it!! We’d be happy to see you guys there!

10.02.2016 – Italy – Milano – LoFi

11.02.2016 – Italy – Faenza – Clandestino

12.02.2016 – Italy – Roma – Dal Verme

13.02.2016 – Italy – Livorno – Surfer’s Joe

14.02.2016 – Italy – Firenze – Prato


Thank you very much Matte