1. Hi guys, how did “Almeida” project get born?

All five members went to the same school, and we’ve all been playing shows together since we were all kids. Chris Mason (guitar), Marc Morey (drums) started off playing bad Offspring and Green Day covers in 2001 and it somehow evolved into this!

2. Tell us about your last EP.

We’ve finally just released our new EP ‘Social Media Circus’ online, it’s a 20 minute mixture of thrash, skate punk and progressive metal. It’s taken four years since our album ‘Fantastic Massacre’ came out, so it’s nice to hear people saying they like this one better!

3. Which are the bands most influenced your music?

We’re huge fans of bands like Between the Buried and Me and Protest the Hero, and also love fast stuff like Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream and NOFX. Our individual influences are endless but these are the only style that we all totally agree on!

4. Three words to describe your project.

Fast, Technical, Sarcastic.

5. Tell us a funny anecdote about you.

We had to change our Facebook page because people kept thinking we were a Portuguese footballer. That wasn’t very funny at the time, we lost thousands of followers, but hopefully they’ll all come back now we’ve got something new for them to listen to!

6. Suggest 3 albums to listen at the moment.

I’m currently listening to:

In Each Hand a Cutlass – The Kracken
Closure in Moscow – Pink Lemonade
Deafheaven – Sunbather

All really diverse and progressive stuff. I love all music as long as it’s good, and this is all fucking great.

7. Suggest 3 “underground” bands to listen.

You should definitely check out our old tour buddies Fair Do’s. In fact, the skate punk / melodic hardcore scene doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. All the bands on Bird Attack records are brilliant – really looking forward to playing with Adrenalized and Dead Neck in Livorno!

8. What’s your favorite Almeida song?

My favourite Almeida song is probably ‘Fantastic Massacre’ from our first album, just because of the crowd reaction when we play it. I think once people get more familiar with the tracks from ‘Social Media Circus’, I’ll change my mind.

9. Please remember your web contacts.

You can find us at Facebook (Almeida – Progressive Thrash) or Twitter (@almeidaband). You can also download our stuff from

10. A message for LTMR and its readers.

Thank you for supporting independent music. Bands like ours rely on good people like yourselves! We all lose hundreds of pounds every year but your support makes it worth every penny!